Friday, January 9, 2009

Barcelona Beginnings

I live with Taylor, my new Delta Delta Delta babe roommate who is also a soccer star. She's tall and blonde and if I were a sportswear company, I would give her an endorsement in a second. We also live with Kirpal (8) and Arjean (11) who show me their fossils and their favorite cartoons. They know one song in English which we sang together at the dinner table: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean". We also sang our ABCs both in Spanish and in English. They are vegetarians!

Our favorite restaurant here is Pita Inn, where we got cheated but it was so good we didn't even care. We just kept handing the guy more coins and he kept saying, "vale" until I had no more coins left and that was the end of that. We also stopped for tea and tomato salad which was muy caro and had raisins and some kind of rotten vinaigrette.

We saw hundreds of pigeons feasting in the plaza and their little black heads were bobbing all over the place in a huge undulating mass.

We asked an old man to take our picture and then he turned around and was blind but we'd already asked him and he said yes anyway and took it and miraculously we were all in it. Un milagro.

Tomorrow, medieval towns BesalĂș and Vic where I will visit an ancient Jewish mikva where medieval women would bathe when they had their medieval periods.

My short film "The Guest" is coming along, but (importantly) lacks a soundtrack. If you know anyone who does movie music, give a holla.